#occupywallst, prepare to be heckled

Apparently, the folks from AdBusters will be descending on Wall Street tomorrow afternoon to, I dunno, create a big revolution.  I hadn’t heard about it in over a month, which doesn’t bode well.  I’m not on the uber-radical listservs, but I’m on plenty of progressive lists.  There has been no publicity beyond the extreme left echo-chamber.

They’ve decided to label it “Our Tahrir Moment,” because they’re, y’know, not very classy. (Egyptian activists spent years risking their lives in organizing protests that set the groundwork for Tahrir.  Adbusters has written a few blog posts, created an independent website, and pre-announced that if they fail,” it’s MoveOn’s fault!”  The analogy offends my sensibilities, I’ll admit it.)

One new addition is that Anonymous has apparently  decided to participate in this thing.  My official academic stance on Anonymous is “I don’t understand this and it is analytically fascinating.”  So who knows, they could make it interesting.  Anonymous tends to pull off big collective actions that I assume won’t/can’t go anywhere.  Color me curious.

Nonetheless, I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that Micah White et al’s more-radical-than-though event will be an utter flop.  They’re claiming 20,000 people will show up and stay there for multiple days.  I really, really doubt it.  And in advance of his public announcement that it’s because of “Clicktivism,” I’d like to once again point out that (1) organizing is hard and (2) there is no evidence that this crowd is any good at organizing.

I plan on stopping by the event tomorrow.  Not to participate, but to watch.  Follow me on Twitter at @davekarpf if you want to read my livetweets (which will likely be quasi-heckling).  And I’ll also post some sort of a writeup or reflection to shoutingloudly next week.

3 thoughts on “#occupywallst, prepare to be heckled

  1. I saw a flyer for this in Oberlin. I chalked it up to being another Obie protest event, but I guess it’s slightly bigger than that.

  2. looks like you were wrong. #occupywallstreet turning into the biggest political event of the decade. you should publish a retract.

  3. I’m working on a follow-up post, and agree that it’s exhibited an impressive staying power.

    But “biggest political event of the decade?” Really? You know that Wisconsin drew much larger crowds, for a longer period of time, with larger solidarity rallies only 7 months ago, right?

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